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Pinkoco is BEAUTY. A mix of irresistible things. Flowers, citrus fruits, wild fruits, natural essences ... all of which come from natural cosmetic products that are displayed, sold and homemade according to the traditional ways of an Italian family (Piero's family) ( It is all made step by step, designed under the requests and demands of the most select clientele. It is art in body cream, soap and perfume in a selection of items to take home (or give away) without thinking twice.


Pinkoco is FASHION. Different fashion. Daring, striking and precious pieces devised with good taste, calmness and care; made in the way that all special things are. Handbags and purses are the star pieces. Velvets, sequins and colourful feathers make them essential, different, delicate, unique and, therefore, even more magical.


Pinkoco is HOME. It is that breeze that unites a quarter of Europe which joins and swirls every coral, every element found in every port, on a beach, an antique fair, a vintage market. It is that swell, that oscillation of objects that appear and disappear week after week due to the virtue of being unrepeatable. It is warmth installed step by step thanks to its fresh interior design, the candor of its style, and the special aromas of Italy. It is order, peace and forgetfulness. It is to lose yourself contemplating even if are not in search of anything in particular. You will always walk away with the satisfaction of having discovered its charm.


Pinkoco is BAR. Pinkoco is a bar inside a forest of tropical plants with a light summer feel. In the heart of Chueca and the Justicia district of Madrid, Pinkoco Bar is a meeting point for clients of all ages and backgrounds, in which every last detail is taken care of. Pinkoco Bar is decorated with Pinkoco Shop products, which give an exotic touch and differentiate it from other bars in the Madrid scene. Ibiza, Bali, Cuba, the Maldives... when you enter Pinkoco Bar you will feel transported away from the city and lost on an island, where you can sip on an Aperol Spritz between carefreeness and good company.  Calle Santo Tomé 8 - Madrid

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